2. irl-england:

    The tea house down Neals yard- this is a very tourist friendly shop that not only sales an impressive array of teas, but multiple London themed tea sets, and sweet & biscuits tins.

  4. allthingseurope:

    Robin Hood’s Bay, UK (by Osgoldcross Photography)

  6. Ambleside (by Al McDonald)

  7. londonwalkr:

    by stevekeiretsu

    Replingham Road, Southfields, Wandsworth

    (via my-british-blog)

  8. Westminster Bridge Sunrise

  9. londonbeep:

    The road ends here - the village of Crovie in Aberdeenshire / Scotland

    (via scotland-forever)

  10. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire (by **Anik Messier**)